Pisces Man ; Pisces Woman....together??

topic posted Mon, July 28, 2008 - 6:05 AM by  Dominique
I've recently started dating a Pisces Man and being a Pisces myself I find myself wondering if a relationship of this calibre can have a favourable outcome? I've always been advised Pisces x 2 simply cannot work, but I'm finding this relationship to be the best I've ever experienced! I've never found someone who can understand me, knows exactly what to say, is open minded etc etc etc.

Any views?
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South Africa
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    There's more to it than that. You should get a birthchart at and click on personal portrait. It really matters on mostly your Venus and Mars, but the moon and ascendant are pretty important too...
    and if you want to find out more about all this you can go to which provides pretty good explanations for the venus sign, mars, ect ect..
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    lol Ooops, in that link I sent you I just realized I accidently sent you my account on that website.......well, just go to and then go to free horoscope and click on personal portrait then..